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Welcome To Aphrodite's Eyelash and Hair Extension Salon - the Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma area's premier hair extension salon specializing in hair extensions, eyelash extensions, permanent make-up, waxing, and skin care such as mild chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

We offer Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, Permanent makeup, waxing and skin care services. We provide services to the greater Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue area.

What are eyelash extensions?

An eyelash extension is a small, shaped eyelash that is placed on top of your natural eyelash in order to provide length and thickness. Most eyelash extensions are made from synthetic materials, but there are some made from natural fibers, such as mink. Real mink lashes are a cruelty free product. The lashes are gathered by brushing the mink, then sterilizing the lashes, sorting the lengths and then they are affixed to a tray for sale. We offer genuine siberian mink lashes! The HOTTEST trend in Hollywood!

Lashes can be customized to suit your individuality. Using different lengths and sizes can achieve a soft, feathery look, while a single length series dramatizes your eyes with a bolder sense of style. Highlighted colors create special effects and your natural lashes can be filled in for a full, sensually simple appeal.

Eyelash extensions are designed to stay on the natural lash for a rather long period of time (anywhere from four weeks to 100 days), but will eventually fall off. With proper bonding, a semi permanent eyelash extension will remain in place until the natural lash falls out.

Most people who wear eyelash extensions find them terrific substitutes to wearing mascara. They give your lashes a look that is longer and thicker than mascara, and they accomplish the same thing as mascara but without the clumping that can occur with mascara. Additionally, because lash extensions are water resistant, they will not run and leave black streaks, nor will they fall off if you go swimming, cry, or sweat. However, if you so choose, it is possible to wear mascara. Just do not wear waterproof mascara, as it will dissolve the bond between natural lash and eyelash extension. Additionally, when removing the mascara, make sure that you use an oil-free remover, as oil will also dissolve the eyelash adhesive.

Usually after a full eyelash extension application, it is only necessary to go in for touch ups if you maintain a schedule of three to four weeks. If you only go in every two to three months, if is likely that you will need a full lash extension application each time you go in. Because natural lashes fall out at different times, the extensions that are bonded to them fall out as well. Touch ups can help keep your lashes looking thick, full, and beautiful, using the eyelash extensions to their full effect.

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Tacoma Eyelash Extensions Pricing

Eye Lash Extensions Full Set - $149
Partial Set ( 30 lashes per eye )- $75
Fills $58
Real Mink Eye Lash Extensions - $250
(limited time offer - regularly $350)
Mink Partial Set ( 30 lashes per eye )- $149
Real Mink Fills $85

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Permanent Makeup

Also known as permanent cosmetics, micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing and dermal pigmentation, is the professional practice and art of implanting micro-insertions of color (pigment) into the dermal layer of the skin, for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement. Enjoy the benefits permanent makeup has offered thousands of women. Permanent makeup can diminish your need for makeup, define features, fill in brows that are sparse, enhance your lips, frame your eyes, camouflage scars and much more. Permanent Makeup can be subtle or dramatic depending on your needs and desires. The best permanent makeup looks so natural no one knows you have it.

Permanent Makeup Prices

Permanent Brows $350
Permanent Eyeliner $350
Full Lips $550
Lip Liner $350

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