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If you would like remarkable, long, natural looking eyelashes that last longer than mascara, look better than false eyelashes, and can withstand close scrutiny, then the answer is Eyelash Extensions - the hottest new trend to hit the beauty industry in years! Our Tacoma eyelash extensions salon specializes in eyelash extensions, so contact us for an appointment today!

Tacoma Eyelash Extensions Salon

Eyelash Extensions are here in Tacoma!

Have you been reading about eyelash extensions in fashion magazines, and admired eyelash extensions on the runways and red carpets?

If you would like remarkable, long, natural looking eyelashes that last longer than mascara, look better than false eyelashes, and can withstand close scrutiny, then the answer is Eyelash Extensions - the hottest new trend to hit the beauty industry in years!

Each individual eyelash extension is applied on a lash by lash basis to your natural eyelashes with a special bonding agent that can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. You can have a full set of eyelash extensions or partialsólashes are applied only at the outer corners of the natural lashesóand the service takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one 1/2... Read More


Eyelash Extensions Tacoma Photos

This client is a model AND a mother of 3 beautiful, busy children. She needs glamorous eyes without the hassle! She is amazed at the dramatic lengthening possible with our eyelash extensions! The procedure is painless and very relaxing!

Notice the extremely natural, yet glamorous look achieved...


Eyelash Extensions Tacoma Photos

This dramatic change was achieved by combining three different lengths of lashes, as well as a couple various thicknesses.

The possibilities are limitless! Natural or dramatic, or anywhere in between!


Lakewood Eyelash Extensions - Before & After

This Lakewood woman had eyelash extensions applied by Aphrodite's Salon in Tacoma.

Click the image to see before & after photos of her eyelashes.


Puyallup Eyelash Extensions

Fabulous eyelash extensions on this Puyallup client!

Notice the subtle purple lashes on the profile view? Very fun and exotic.

We can give you eyelashes in different colors, to match your natural color or enhance with something different.


Tacoma Eyelash Extensions Photos

Terrific looking lashes in various lengths.


Tacoma Eyelash Extensions Before & After Photos

This Tacoma eyelash extension client's left eye is not yet lashed, her right eye is.

WOW! what a difference!. The next photo is after both eyes are completed.


Eyelash Extension Care - Tacoma Eyelash Salon

Eyelash Extension Care
Tacoma Eyelash Extensions Services.

I specialize in enhancing your eyes with only the very best top quality products. My glue products are pharmaceutical grade and odorless, my lashes are curved. They come in various colors, sizes, and lengths for you to choose from. Whether you prefer thin and natural, long and dramatic or thick and lush, I have lashes that are tailored to your needs.

This is a truly relaxing beauty treatment. Most of my clients fall asleep during the procedure and wake up amazed that they have gorgeous looking, lashes. I work every set of lashes to perfection, from the first lash to the last lash.

And unlike many salons I do not believe 30-35 lashes should be considered a full set unless that is all the client has to work with. My real... Read More


Frequently Asked Questions - Eyelash extensions

Q. What are Eyelash Extensions?

A. Eyelash extensions are a new procedure to the US that extends the real eyelash with a new weightless and very natural looking synthetic eyelash. It originated in Korea over 10 years ago.

Q. How does the eyelash extension perform?

A. The synthetic eyelash is applied eyelash by eyelash to each of your own eyelashes using a special bonding agent that lasts through the length of your natural growth cycle of each eyelash, which is between 60 to 90 days.

Q. Then why do I need to come for eyelash fills every 2 to 4 weeks?

A. Normally, not all of your eyelashes fall out at the same time. They replenish gradually day by day. You may lose 1 or 2 eyelashes each day but when your eyelashes are short you don't notice it because they are all pretty ... Read More


Eyelash extensions before and after

coming soon eyelash extensions


Eyelash Extensions Pricing Tacoma

Eye Lash Extensions Full Set (silk synthetic) - $149

Partial Set ( 30 lashes per eye )- $75

Retouch $58

Real Mink Eye Lash Extensions - $250
(limited time offer - regularly $350)

Mink Partial Set ( 30 lashes per eye )- $149
Real Mink retouch $90

RETOUCH PACKAGES (silk synthetic) at tremendous discounts!
Purchase 5 appointments, get 1 free: $250
(total of 6 retouches = 3 months of lashes)

Purchase 10, get 2 free: $400
(total of 12 retouches = 6 months of lashes)

Purchase 15, get 3 free: $750
(total of 18 retouches = 9 months of lashes)

Purchase 20, get 4 free: $1000
(total of 24 retouches = 1 year of lashes)

CALL TODAY 253-221-0741


Wedding Eyelash Extensions

Gorgeous lashes for the whole wedding party! Lashes that last and still look beautiful long after the honeymoon....ll Us Today!


Brides who book their parties of 3 or more new sets will receive their own set FREE! Great for Mothers of the Bride and Groom or Maid of Honor's gift. Discount applied after qualifying sets are purchased.

Please call or email today for an appointment. 253-221-0741

Fills should be scheduled every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking fabulous and lush!

( All photography on the wedding lashes is the work of Hannah Marie Photography...please see 'links' to access her website)