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Eyelash Extensions - Seattle Tacoma Bellevue Photos

Eyelash Extensions - Seattle Tacoma Bellevue Photos

Have you been reading about eyelash extensions in fashion magazines, and admired eyelash extensions on the runways and red carpets?

If you would like remarkable, long, natural looking eyelashes that last longer than mascara, look better than false eyelashes, and can withstand close scrutiny, then the answer is Eyelash Extensions - the hottest new trend to hit the beauty industry in years!

Each individual eyelash extension is applied on a lash by lash basis to your natural eyelashes with a special bonding agent that can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. You can have a full set of eyelash extensions or partials—lashes are applied only at the outer corners of the natural lashes—and the service takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one 1/2 hours. You may wear water-soluble mascara however waterproof mascara will dissolve the bond with the extension lashes.

Eyelash extensions are one of the best kept Beverly Hills' Beauty Secrets. As seen in Vogue magazine, eyelash extensions are weightless, and give an extremely sensual look both day and night. Whether you are going to the beach, your high school or family reunion, getting married, or planning a night out on the town, eyelash extensions will give you that ''wow'' look of youth and vitality!

Applying one eyelash extension at a time onto your existing natural eyelash, or using a flare method we will transform your eyelashes into lush, beautifu... Read More

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About Eyelash Extensions   Before and After Photos   Eyelash Extension Care   FAQs   

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