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Aphrodites Salon of Tacoma, WA provides a wide variety of hair extension services, including Indian Remy hair, Extendmagic, MagicBond and Shrink Links. We also provide hair coloring and pre-conditioning before we install your hair extensions. Contact us today to make an appointment at our Tacoma Hair Extension Salon.

Tacoma Hair Extensions - Redhead Photos - Before & After

This gorgeous hair extension installation was done in our Tacoma hair extensions salon with custom colored Indian remy hair.

We will be adding some additional highlights in the bang and part area to match the extensions...



Brunette Hair Extensions Before & After Photos Tacoma

This gorgeous Turkish-born actress/film star just happened to be in town and needed her brunette hair extensions done!

She chose our virgin Indian hair in wavy and is absolutely stunning!

Click the image to see how she looked before having her extensions installed.


Indian Remy Blonde Tacoma Hair Extensions Photos

NEW Indian Remy Pre-tips!

This is a blend of 3 different blonde shades using Indian Remy pre-tips that are available for sale in our Tacoma hair extensions store!



Lakewood Hair Extensions Photos - Before & After

This full head of hair extensions was completed at our Lakewood shop using the MagicBond method. Chelsie wanted the look of darker layers underneath, and two tones of blonde for the upper layers.

Custom blending is available to achieve virtually any look you desire! As you can see, hair extensions can add length, volume, and dimension without the use of dyes or bleach.


Lakewood, WA Hair Extensions Photos

This hair extensions client from Lakewood, WA has got to be my new 'Aphrodite' spokesmodel!!!!

She is absolutely stunning. I used a natural body wave hair on her, pre-tipped with Extendmagic and installed with Shrink Links. Gorgeous!!!

She recently had a perm that is beginning to relax. This texture is perfect for her to transition out of her perm as she can scrunch it up to make it curly, or let it go naturally wavy.! I LOVE this installation!!!!!


Lakewood, WA Hair Extensions Photos

This Lakewood hair extensions client wanted hair that she could wear naturally with a gorgeous wavy texture to match her own, but wanted to also be able to easily straighten or curl into larger waves.

This particular hair dries naturally for the look you see in the photos,or it can be easily straightened.

Her hair had multiple colors in it and so a custom blend was done to give her darker tones underneath, and highlights throughout.



Long Blonde Hair Extensions Tacoma - Before & After

The extension method used here with these gorgeous, long blond hair extensions was 'shrinkies'.

Please click on the additional photos to view the 'before', 'during', and 'after' pictures in larger detail.


Puyallup Brunette Hair Extensions Photos - Before & After

This client was overjoyed by the transformation of her very short hair to her now gorgeous long, brunette locks!

Custom coloring to her specifications was performed and then cut to blend beautifully!


Puyallup Hair Extensions Photos - Before & After

This client from Puyallup had severe breakage around the temple areas. Her desire was to thicken these areas, as well as add length, curl and volume to the whole head.

The hair extensions used here were 100% Indian remy.



Short Blonde Tacoma Hair Extensions Photos

This client had severe breakage throughout the bang area due to bleaching to achieve highlights. Her desire was to add back length to the bang area, as well as fullness and brightness.

These hair extensions were done with the MagicBond method and also involved some 'micro' hair extensions.


Tacoma Hair Extensions Photos

This client wanted to add length to her already layered hair. Although the result is a beautiful, full and thick look, we were able to do a 3/4-head installation because her hair was already layered and her new hair extensions blend perfectly!


Tacoma Hair Extensions Photos

The method used here for this Tacoma hair extensions client was the MagicBond method.

This client had thinning hair, particularly in the crown area. Her desire was simply to fill in and add density to her hair.

MagicBond method was perfect for this application because it allows for very small extension pieces, in this case approximately 1/3 the normal size, so that short, thinning areas can be dramatically improved with complete confidence.