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Mini ShrinkLink TM method - Hair Extensions

The attachment mechanism for the Shrinklink TM hair extension method is a tiny clear tube that shrinks around the junction of the natural hair and extension hair when slightly heated. The tubes are virtually weightless and transparent.

The extension hair we use is of the highest quality and designed to be reusable with proper care. This feature greatly reduces the cost of hair extensions over time.

Custom hair blending is available.

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Seattle Tacoma Bellevue Hair Extension Methods

We use only the latest technology, state-of-the-art hair extension methods that do not involve harsh damaging chemicals. There is no structural alteration of the hair shaft, which is why our hair extension methods are the gentlest available anywhere.

We specialize in the ShrinkLink TM. We DO NOT use chemical fusion methods, as they are notorious for shedding and require harsh chemicals to remove the glue residue which is damaging to your natural hair. We specialize exclusively in the following hair extension methods:

*ShrinkLink TM method

*KERATIN-TIPPED, alone or with ShrinkLink TM method

*Micro Link method

*Lace wigs

*Click on links below for specifics on each of these hair extension techniques.

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